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less air strikes and bombing by israel destroy entire neighborhoods and areas in the gaza strip. massive explosion, fires and now a fast path of growing death as the toll rises with children in the crosshairs. the holiday madnesses begins as 40 million people get ready to move out on train, planes and cars. poised for a strike as hundreds are already lining up for what is being called black thursday. it includes $78 flat-screen tvs. beauty queen bombshell. this miss america's decision to have major, life-saving surgery. she's just 22 years old. and the surgery is just two months before the pageant. she's speaking out live only on "gma." ♪ gangnam style and hammer sometime. the huge surprise at the end of the amas. the superstar psy and mc hammer
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go gangnam. and pink. we're backstage getting the inside scoop from the stars! and good morning, everyone. hope you had a great weekend. got that new view coming around. >> whoo. >> while you all were sleeping, president obama made a little bit of history. the first visit by a u.s. president to myanmar, the tiny asian country closed off for so long, they are now celebrating freedom. also the first visit to cambodia by a u.s. president. that is happening right now. >> great to be here. myanmar formerly known as burma. also happening overnight, the woman at the center of the cia sex scandal, paula broadwell, surfaces at home with her husband and two young children opinion she's released a statement that we'll hear in a few moments. and a brand-new update from
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robin coming up. she had what she calls a tuneup last week. it's all still part of her road to recovery. we have a new picture and we'll tell what you she has to say. >> love seeing that splil right now. let's get to josh with the breaking news out of the middle east. israelis pounding palestinian targets in gaza overnight launching dozens of new missile strikes. the death toll also climbing at this hour. almost 100 palestinians are now dead. on the israeli side, meanwhile, powerful images as another rocket fired from gaza unleashes terror. abc's alex marquardt is in gaza city. this morning with the very latest. good morning to you, alex. >> reporter: good morning, josh. we've just gotten in new video showing an explosion at a sports stadium. you can see thick smoke and children in the rubble. despite feverish cease-fire talks taking place right now, the missile strikes and rocket
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launches haven't let up for a second. this morning, you can see the casualties mounting in the hospital. some here are militants. most are not. including the tiny, lifeless bodies of young children wrapped in palestinian flags. with all the children and innocence being killed, do you want hamas to keep firing at israel? not just hamas, all the palestinian groups, this man told us. what did they do to be killed like this? this is what has gazans furious. of 11 people killed in this house on sunday, all but 2 were from one family. this, while more than 1,000 rockets have been fired by israel. the majority have been knocked down by the iron dome. but many still get through. they continue to talk. the list of conditions is lengthy and extremely complicated. this morning, israel warned if an agreement isn't reached within hours it could launch a
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ground invasion. josh. >> thank you. meanwhile, the other breaking news overnight, president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton making history, visiting a nation we know little about. the once repressive and secretive country of myanmar. there was an emotional moment, as they met a peace activist who sacrificed 15 years of her life being held prisoner to fight for her country's freedom. abc's reena ninan was there. reena? >> reporter: good morning, josh. president obama called her an icon of democracy, saying that the country of myanmar will be receiving $170 million in aid over the next few years. there was an emotional moment when president obama and secretary of state clinton arrived. the two women embraced as friends who had another each other for a very long time. this was president obama's first visit to myanmar. this marks the final visit that secretary clinton will make with the president abroad.
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she's not staying on for a second term. josh. >> reena ninan, thank you for that. meanwhile, a new sign for trouble for the u.s. economy. "the wall street journal" finds american companies are now cutting back on investments at the fastest pace since the recession. many cite concerns in political uncertainty in washington and slowing demands overseas. and new york city has been forced to extend gas rationing for yet another week. some 30% of the city's gas stations remain closed, three weeks after hurricane sandy roared ashore. and finally an image going viral this morning. take a look. what became the end of a road for a police officer with his van in germany. he was chasing alleged bike thieves when he drove straight into a stretch of newly laid cement. that van, as you can see, came to a sudden and rather complete stop. they eventually did have to bring in a tow truck to get it out. the good news, however, other officers caught up with the bike thieves. it ended well. and, thus, rather hilariously. >> so they pulled it out before
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the cement hardened. >> yes. >> thank you, josh. the latest now on the sex scandal that cost cia director david petraeus his job. as he plots his next career move, we're also hearing from sources closest to his mistress and protege paula broadwell. abc's pierre thomas brings us those details from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. family friend of paula broadwell says she's devastated and deeply regrets the damage that's been done to her family along with everyone else. broadwell drove with her husband to their home from d.c. on sunday, trying to piece their lives back together. declining to talk to reporters. >> we've got no comment. >> reporter: inside, they were greeted by 25 supportive friends and neighbors. someone close to broadwell tells abc news, her goal now is to focus on her family. >> at some point, i'll have a statement for you guys. just not right now. sorry. >> reporter: broadwell faces a critical decision from prosecutors who must decide to charge her with mishandling classified information or allegedly taking secret files from government buildings. that's a potential violation of
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federal law. the authorities may allow the military to discipline her. >> the whole thought or idea that you have classified information on your personal computer at home, i'm sure violates some army regulations, if nothing else. >> reporter: as for sentencing petraeus, he's clearly not worried about federal prosecution. this weekend, we learned he hired not a criminal attorney, but bob barnett, one of the best media lawyers in the country and one known for getting great book deals. on the sunday talk shows there was not a lot of criticism of petraeus. >> it's really the nation's loss in losing petraeus. >> personally, is this a heartbreak. >> he's obviously a greater leader. >> reporter: meanwhile, the rest of the characters caught in this soap opera struggled under the hot glare of media attention. jill kelley fought to keep a low profile as a close friend defended her in an abc news exclusive. >> jill kelley is a good friend. the best kind of a friend.
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a friend that could keep a secret. the friend that you could trust is. >> reporter: still, that doesn't stop "saturday night live." from having mischievous fun. >> seen here in the same clip, doing the same thing, because it's the only footage we have of her. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's apparently where we are. limit limited if any national security damage, but personal lives apart and lots of fodder for comedians. >> pierre, thank you so much. fodder indeed. now on to the biggest week of the year for traveling and shopping. and we have complete coverage of the holiday madness which is just about to start. more than 43 million of us are are traveling to see family and friends on this thanksgiving. what should we expect on the roads and the skies? and is there bad weather ahead? and just how crazy will that shopping get? jim avila is at laguardia airport. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. it's not all bad news. first of all, gas prices are down 7 cents in the past two weeks. otherwise, the weather seems to
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be pretty good, holding up well everywhere, except for the pacific northwest. snow, wind and heavy rain, bad weather causing a rough start for some of the 43 million americans expected to be on the move this week. 90% of them in cars. snow forecast for mountain passes in washington state by thanksgiving. and heavy flooding in northern california is already creating dangerous road conditions in the west. >> 39 million people will be driving in cars on interstates and roads will be very busy. >> reporter: in the air, very few delays, however. and the airlines are looking forward to clear weather for the week. jetblue tweeting, mother nature looks to deliver a beautiful weather week for holiday travel. let's do this. air travel is actually down 3% this thanksgiving because airlines have cut the number of flights and prices are high. the busiest day for travel will be wednesday when 45% head out. 35% returning sunday, 25% waiting till monday. now, there is one potential bump
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in the runway for air travelers, out in los angeles, the airport workers are talking about a strike at the airport just before thanksgiving. so if you're planning on using l.a.x. this week, you might want to take a look at that. george? >> thank you, jim. and that rush to thanksgiving also means we're bearing down on black friday. with 147 million people planning on heading to stores this holiday weekend. walmart workers are rebelling. bianna golodryga takes a look. at haul that from the toys a s us right here in times square. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning, george. retailers are pulling out all the stops. americans expected to spend up to 4% from last year. but not everyone is looking forward to that mad dash come thursday night, especially workers at the largest retailer. the country's biggest retailer
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may be part of a black friday blackout. walmart workers at 1,000 locations angry that stores are opening at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving are planning to strike. and in cities like chicago, dallas, miami, milwaukee and los angeles, it could happen as early as today. meanwhile, best buy employees are firing up for the big day with training drills. >> this is what live for. this is what i love to do. >> reporter: in places like wisconsin, california, and florida, shoppers have already started camping out. some already planning to eat thanksgiving dinner in line. >> thanksgiving, mom comes out with the plates and stuff and we've got everything that you have on a normal thanksgiving table. >> reporter: these early birds are ready to pounce on door-busting deals. from $78 flat screen tvs at walmart and $100 cameras at target which are going to match amazon. >> electronics are going to be huge again. the ipad mini, everybody wants.
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the ipod 5. for kids a leappad2, like an ipad for kids. >> george, to give you an idea how excited they are thursday night. the first 200 shoppers will be give a $30 gift bag for holiday shopping. what every they want to do about it. but stocking stuffers. >> already lining up. thank you, bianna. and now switching gears to the growing mystery on the gulf coast. there's a serial killer on the loose after -- going after dolphins. it's getting a lot of people on edge right now. and abc's john schriffen has the story. >> reporter: this morning, investigators along the gulf coast are trying to figure out who is responsible for mutilating and killing dolphins, after a string of disturbing attacks here. >> the animaling with bullets in them. we have seen animals with their tails cut off. animals with their jaws cut off. so it's really heartbreaking to see such senseless violence. >> reporter: moby solangy, one
7:13 am
of the lead investigators says recently authorities have found four dolphins either floating in the water or washed up on the beaches in louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. including one found just days ago. what kind of a person would do this? >> no normal person would kill senselessly and then mutilate it. i mean, this is kind of something you hear in horror stories. >> reporter: the animals have been brought here to the institute for marine mammal studies in gulfport, mississippi. investigators hope autopsies will determine how the dolphins died and whether they were tortured first. hey, buster! what makes this even more incomprehensible to scientists is that dolphins pose no threat to us. >> they love to be rubbed on. this is a nice little belly rub for him. >> reporter: dolphins are highly intelligent, second only to people but they're also a very accepting species. they just love human interaction. and that has people here concerned. they say whoever is doing the attacks are taking advantage of the instincts.
7:14 am
>> they are very, very curious animals. and when they come close to boats, we have somebody using them as target practice. >> reporter: and the penalty for killing a dolphin is a fine of up to $100,000. and a maximum one year in jail. but experts say it's biggest fear right now, because investigators are still piecing this together, is that there are more dead dolphins out there that they just haven't found yet. george? elizabeth? we're going to turn now to what may be the last thing for the twinkie. they're heading to bankruptcy, but there's a good chance that twinkies and the other iconic brands will survive. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: mexican billionaire daniel servitje montull doesn't look a lot like twinkie the kid. >> howdy, partners!
7:15 am
>> reporter: but for millions of fans of this snack staple, this morning, they hope his company will be riding a white horse to the rescue. >> a lot of people love these products and that still resonates. >> reporter: later today, hostess, the 82-year-old icon that makes twinkies, along with ding-dongs and wonder bread will fold. selling off the country in bankruptcy court. >> at this point, the only option is to wind down the business. >> reporter: after the company announced friday it's shutting down, the broad fans emptied shelves. >> everybody is grabbing hostess. >> reporter: people were in such a panic over the weekend, four boxes of the gooey treat were listed for $3 million on ebay. >> i cannot face a world without twinkies. >> reporter: one fanatic, afraid of facing the end, even posted a do-it-yourself twinkie tutorial on youtube. up until then, sales were
7:16 am
drawling as moms swapped out healthier choices in lunch boxes. a bitter nationwide strike by factory workers ended in a stalemate last week. the hearing today will determine if the company is liquidated. part of the reason that the mexican company could actually keep twinkies alive is because it can take advantage of lower priced sugar in mexico. so viva la twinkie! the food is so iconic, president clinton included it in the millennium time capsule, george. now, we have an update on robin's recovery. it's been 60 days since her bone marrow transplant. and over the weekend, robin wrote about how she's doing after a brief stay in the hospital. getting stronger every day. robin posted this photo note on her blog sunday, explaining why she had to return to the hospital. she wrote "a latent virus many of us have was not responding to medication and was pulling down my numbers. our immune systems usually take care of a virus like this. but mine is only 59 days old." robin returned home friday,
7:17 am
calling her brief stay a tuneup on the road to recovery. and robin says "by the grace of god, i am." she spent the weekend with her sister and donor, sally-ann. while she was here, she was interviewed by her sister. the station has done an incredible job for the need for donors like my big sis. i've been moved to tears by my "gma" families and your engine support, concern and love." we should add, it's not unusual for someone going through what robin is going through to have a brief stay in the hospital. >> very, very normal. doctors say. not to be unexpected. >> and the idea of a tuneup, it's nice, right? >> yeah. >> you get in there, you tuneup. >> she's only 59 days old, guys. >> we'll hear from robin tomorrow. she's interviewed by her sister sally-ann. we'll also hear from robin's doctor.
7:18 am
now let's get the weather from sam. >> we're going to talk a little bit about travel this week. this is a big travel week. every day, we're going to let you know what part of the country is in the worst shape. in case you're starting today you should know it's the northwest is that has the issue. we've got several storms. each one of those storms rotates in, as it does, it's going to slam with rain and gusty winds. some winds from 40 to 80 miles per hour in gusts. and take a look at rains that will fall all the way to tuesday, from portland to medford. now redding and san francisco will catch up by the time we get to tomorrow. this is the only part of the country that really has it rough. that offshore storm we thought may threaten the east coast is well offshore. but what it does is bring extra water along the coastline, particularly high tide time. this is beautiful weather. chicago, 56, lexington, 61, washington, d.c., 54 degrees. take a look at chicagoland. this may be one of their warmest thanksgivings ever. the country is going to look that good. take a look at the big heat. the nice temperatures through the middle of the country.
7:19 am
oklahoma city is 70 degrees.
7:20 am
>> beautifully warm in the south today from dallas all the way to orlando. philadelphia, i've got my eye on you. i will be there thursday morning for the parade. >> all right. >> he walks it back when the forecast is good. >> yeah. it's all good news. all good news. >> thank you so much, sam. coming up on "gma," a family heist, a father and son and daughter, accused of robbing a series of banks. how did holdups become the family business? and new details on the baby-faced valedictorian on trial for his mother's murder. the startling photos that reveal his blistered hands and the dramatic 911 case. and the american music awards. pink steals the show there. speaking of music, lara. i have never encountered such a burning sensation...
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until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story, visit
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good morning i'm eric thomas. this morning san says police offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the second of to murder suspects who shot it out with police, wound ago officer. police arrested 25-year-old jonathan wilbanks. police say he and the second man robbed three businesses before shooting and killing a 22-year-old man in a carjack ago tempt. minutes later they shot at police -- trying to stop them. sue is following the commute. good morning. san mateo bridge highrise
7:25 am
section right lane tow truck pushing stall out of the way, slow traffic from the toll westbound. east pwoupbtz 4 at a street, stall blocking left lane, westbound 580 grant line big rig to the shoulder possibly leaking fuel. >> when we come back, meteorol
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welcome back. picture peaking under the
7:28 am
cloud deck to look at the sunrise as it bounces off the bay cool shot, 49 napa livermore 46 los gatos everybody else in the low to mid 50s fairfield 61. partly cloudy, stray shower possible across the north bay,
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♪ ♪ gangnam style full of surprises, this was
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the biggest. psc and mc hammer ganging up to go gangnam. >> yeah, really. >> the crowd went totally wild. and we went backstage for the inside scoop. and we see the stars there with cecilia vega. >> gets the good sport award. good morning, everyone. robin home recovering. elizabeth vargas is here. >> i'm not going to do that. lara did it the best. >> no i retired my gangnam pony. >> okay. at any rate, we'll leave it right at that, gentlemen. we do have an update in this half hour. the startling case that we haven't covering since the case broke. this young man, high school valedictorian, a college student studying biology, supported by his family and the entire town as he stands trial for the murder of his mother.
7:31 am
now, there's new dramatic details and the 911 and photo as the prosecution reveals its case. also coming up, a miss america contestant who decides to have surgery to save her life. she's 24 years old. and she's live in an exclusive interview as to why she's doing this now. >> a tough, tough decision. definitely stick around for that. also, stick around for this, a young fellow named kid rock, he's getting ready to perform upstairs. breaking out the upstairs studio. as you can see, he's got the fans lined up early. >> a lot coming up this morning. let's right to that dad who recruited his two kids into the family business. that is bank robbery. a father and son have been charged withholding up a string of banks. the daughter drove the getaway car. and abc's ryan owens has all the details on why they did it. >> reporter: these mug shots may not look like the unusual family
7:32 am
portrait, until they got arrested, the father robert catt and son and daughter hayden look normal. >> it's not them. >> reporter: a son in a mask and son in a fake mustache, robbing a bank near houston while the daughter sits in the getaway car. detectives believe the trio have pulled off as many as seven heists in two states. >> it's real. i didn't want to believe it. >> reporter: abby's room made visited her in jail this weekend. >> if it was anybody else asking her to do that, she would never do it. i think out of loyalty she felt she had to. >> reporter: abby and her go grew up near portland, oregon. both were honor students, members of the swim team. friends say their father worked hard to support them after their mother died. police say that's dad in a
7:33 am
cowboy hat. dad and son dressed as painters. >> i think they were brainwashed to do what their dad needed. i guess he felt he needed to rob a bank. >> reporter: the family recently moved to texas leaving behind this vacant house and bankruptcy. they've only been charged in texas and haven't entered pleas, but police now suspect the trio hit five banks before they ever left oregon. >> i still love all of them to death. but mad that he would get his kids involved. >> reporter: apparently, it's their creative costumes that finally put the family out of business. detectives said they caught them on tape buying those disguises at a home de340e. depot. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. now to the baby face charged with killing his own mother. friday was a chilling first day in court as jurors heard the haunting 911 call on the day of the murder.
7:34 am
john muller has been covering the story from the beginning. >> reporter: elizabeth, if day two is anything like the first day, it should be riveting, a medical examiner who looked over those wounds to jeffrey pyne's hands is expected to testify. of key interest those massive blisters on son jeffrey's hands. 22-year-old jeffrey pyne watched stone-faced as prosecutors wasted no time hammering away with their strongest evidence. >> he lied about how he got those. >> reporter: startling photographs of pyne's hands covered with massive blisters. the photograph taken just hours after his mother was found brutally murdered. he's accused of bludgeoning and stabbing ruth pyne inside their suburban michigan home may of 2011. >> he hit her in the back of the head. and he hit her again. >> reporter: pyne's former boss from a farmer's market testified jeffrey got the beliefers on the job throwing a shipping pallet. he also testified the investigation didn't add up.
7:35 am
>> it did seem odd to me. i'd expect more of a splinter or scrape more than what rye -- than what looked like a rope burn. >> reporter: a strong showing for the prosecution who also played 911 tapes of the horrific moment after pyne's father and sister found ruth pyne's body. >> she's laying in the garage. there's blood everywhere. i don't know what's going on. >> okay, okay, is she in the house or outside? >> she's in the garage. >> reporter: prosecutors contend jeffrey pyne killed his mother in a rage after years of abuse. ruth pyne was bipolar. the defense maintains jeffrey pyne is innocent. >> somebody else committed this crime. i believe the evidence will show you that. >> reporter: and despite the troubling blisters on his hands, the beloved jeffrey pyne still carries the support of most of his michigan community, as they stand behind the former athlete and star student. described as a great all-around
7:36 am
great guy. jeffrey pyne if convicted faces the possibility of life in prison without parole. elizabeth. >> thank you so much. let's bring in dan abrams. dan, we heard john say on day one of this trial, the prosecution played the 911 case. we heard a snippet of it there. it's pretty powerful stuff, but the husband of the murder victim you that hear on that tape is in court supporting the accused victim? >> that's right. it's not like you have the person on trial calling 911 and the jurors will want to listen to every intonation and how obsessed the person seems, et cetera. here, it's really setting the stage for the evidence to come. >> and it's key, as you've been saying about this case, the defense is not saying, yes, he killed here as a result of abuse, but they're saying somebody else did it. have they presenteded any alibi? >> so far, we're hearing the prosecution's case. and this was a good day for the prosecution, no question about it. the wounds on the hands are the best evidence for prosecutors. the question is going to be, can
7:37 am
prosecutors cross over from, yeah, this guy could have done it to proof beyond ronald doubt that he did do it. and i think that's going to be the challenge for prosecutors here. because, they're certainly going to have evidence that there's a reason he might have done it. there are questions. there are these injuries on his hands. there was some blood found in the home. there's definitely, you know, a motive here. but can they take to that next level is the question, i think, they're going to have trouble doing. >> i have to say, somebody reading into the history of this case, not only was the murderer arrested for attacking her son, but apparently, since the time he was 9 years old, he was threatening to kill him. wasn't there a crime committed. didn't somebody fail the little boy in this case? >> no question. but remember, now, that is in the past because that's not what his defense was. he's saying he simply was not there. >> so this won't even be relevant? >> no, it's relevant to the prosecution's motive. the prosecution is saying this
7:38 am
was the motive. but the defense is saying, i wasn't there. so this is not that kind of defense which makes this an incredible bizarre case. because that helps the defense on one hand, but that's the prosecution's theory on the other. >> a literally sad case all the way around. >> yeah. >> all right, dan. we'll check in with sam champion for a look at the morning weather. >> woon of the widest water spouts caught on tape in south wales. take a look at how powerful that looked in the bay. the australia department of meterology said it was a particularly rough time of weather, about 24 times, that we get water spouts, just off the coast alone, it's a little less usual in that area of australia. we'll take a look at this low and it's just one of several spins in. with heavy rains, strong gusting winds. some cases, 6 to 7 inches of rain. add mountain snow here, gusty winds, 70, 80 miles an hour.
7:39 am
on the coast areas, particularly tough. look how beautiful across the country, riding high. thursday at 63 degrees. thursday at >> all of that weather was brought to you by target. everybody. >> all right. hey that water spout was amazing. thank you, sam. coming up, we've got everything from the backstage from the amas don't go away. ♪ gangnam style ♪ too legit too legit to quit ♪ it's on. it's on. ♪ black friday's almost here. ♪ we should totally go together. ♪ ♪ ok. can we also bring trevor? ♪ ♪ he's hot.
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7:43. sam, i have a question for you. what do you get when you combine "bust a move" with "gangnam style"? >> some amazing moves. >> it's not easy to do. but they did it well last night, everybody. one of the blockbuster moments from the american music awards. ju justin bieber and nicki minaj the biggest winners of the night. abc's cecilia vega had a preview. ♪
7:44 am
♪ >> reporter: it was the surprise that stole the show. a surprise that only psy and mc hammer could pull off. but this american music awards was all about one thing, bieber fever! >> wow! i feel violated right now. >> reporter: justin bieber walked away as the top winner with three prizes, including artist of the year. but not before he walked on stage with mama biebs by his side. >> i want to thank you for just always believing in me. this is amazing. >> reporter: other proud winners, nicki minaj. ♪ >> reporter: or carly rae jepsen. who can now call herself favorite new artist. was that a surprise? >> yes, a big surprise. i feel very fortunate. since i was 7 years old so one day to be here, so this is amazing for me. >> reporter: and country stars also had their moment to shine. from best female artist taylor
7:45 am
swift. >> have to go and do your own high production performance or whatever. >> no pressure. >> yeah. >> reporter: and carrie underwood's -- ♪ >> reporter: and luke bryan. >> to all my fans, i love you! >> reporter: to this interpretive dance. to stevie wonder's tribute to awards founder dick clark. ♪ >> i cherished this night celebrating his life. and we must let his legacy live on. >> reporter: it was a show that had everyone on their feet gangnam style. and backstage, we had to get in on the action. >> five, six, seven, eight. one, two, three, four -- you got it. you got it. >> awesome! >> reporter: for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, los angeles. >> good stuff there. >> great stuff.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." i guarantee you it will leave you cheering. the homecoming game at missouri university of science and technology. on the sidelines, one of the cheerleaders gearing up. there she is there's the fella. getting up behind her. '07 graduate. >> come on. >> yeah, that's her boyfriend christopher. >> no way! >> yeah. >> that is elaborate and fantastic. >> mazel tov. >> did she say yes?
7:51 am
>> jean use. genius. have to earn it. >> did she say yes? >> they're negotiating. >> give me an l-o-v-e! >> kid rock is 96! i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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good morning i'm eric thomas. workers at port of oakland are planning a 24 hour strike starting 9:00 tonight they say they've been working signatures toon months without a new contract. picketers -- plan to target the airport and port facilities tomorrow. partly sunny, good morning. low to mid 60s, except upper 50s to near 60 coast stray shower possible north bay, going to the stick tonight, 60° dropping to 57. best chance of wet weather tomorrow evening through wednesday morning. moderate to heavy southbound 101 out of novato through san rafael, problems north 880 at davis cleared. eastbound skyway at 4th, stall john as well. the news continues -- the news continues now with
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:00 am
yjudging from the fans, the crowd there, that the latest from kid rock, chicken from the pen. >> chicken from the pen. >> that is a long title. >> and elizabeth vargas is here. >> and i actually think -- >> he's sacked out on our couch? >> he's sacked out. everybody, shh, kid rock. >> he wears pink cowboy boots? he's a rock star. >> he's going to get it going with a live performance. >> lara's going to wake him up. coming up this morning, this half hour, we have brand-new pictures of jessica simpson. she's finally lost the 60 pounds she gained after giving birth to that beautiful baby.
8:01 am
she's ten pounds shy of her weight, her goal. her trainer is going to be here shortly. with five tips we can use for the holiday season and holiday eating we're going to be using. >> she's looking fantastic. >> she does look great. hey, also coming up on the show. the miss america contestant making a bombshell decision to have major surgery to save her life. she's speaking out now live this morning on "gma." >> it is the holiday season, it may not be the time for you to spend extra money on that piece of furniture or something in your house that's bugging you. how can you do this? how did you turn it from trash to treasure? thousands of you went online and asked lara to solve your problems. we're going to handle them one at a time, folks one at a time. >> you should see what it looks like. thousands of people sent us furniture from all over the country. >> you can come to my house and have like a month's worth.
8:02 am
>> yeah. >> i've got two seasons for you. >> you got to get new josh. we're turning to the middle east which is on the brink. this morning, as many as two dozen civilians have been killed in fewer than 24 hours as israel continues to bombard targets in the gaza strip. the barrage, in response to hundreds of rockets fired into israel by militants. cease-fire talks continue, and the lines are increasingly long and israel may launch. meanwhile, president obama from his historic trip from southeast asia. he's expected to raise concerns, earlier in the first visit to myanmar. the president pledged $140 million in aid to the once oppressive nation. secretary of state hillary clinton embraced nobel peace
8:03 am
prize winner aung san suu kyi. the woman at the center of the cia sex scandal said she's deeply devastated to the damage done. meanwhile, petraeus has hired a renown media lawyer, as he tries to get his life back on track. and software billion nar john mcafee is apparently blogging about his efforts to allude police in his adopted country of belize. mcafee is wanted for questioning in the death of his neighbor, a man online claiming to be mcafee is now offering a $25,000 award and i quote, real killer's arrest, end quote. in medical news, more concerns about young teens bulking up too early. a study of middle and high schoolers in minnesota found about 5% admitted using performance-enhancing drugs and just as many many girls as boys
8:04 am
took steroids. a surprising increase, even among those as early as 14. researchers say kids are being influenced by muscular men and women in the media. that is tragic news. meanwhile, perhaps the most loyal couple we've ever heard of. a pair of penguins in the antarctica. researchers say these two have remained loyal to one another for 16 years, despite traveling 200,000 miles during their trips to warmer waters. they meet over year. you know what they say, a couple who travels 200,000 miles away from each other tends to stay together. >> you know penguins stay together for life. but they all do -- it's just -- >> lovely. >> anyway, lara? >> absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? >> we've heard that thousands of times. a long way.
8:05 am
>> i'll be right back from the moon. >> let's do "pop news," shall we? good morning, everybody. we begin with michael jackson. fans will be so thankful this thanksgiving, a new documentary airing on abc this thursday night celebrating the 25th anniversary of michael jackson's chart-popping "bad" album. this is the very first look, right here right now, some of the scenes and footage that award-winning producer spike lee used to make the sound and also the tour that went along with it. it was pivotal in his career. the best music of jackson's career came from. in the style of a great pop song. you can catch the documentary 9:30 on abc thursday night. >> ooh. >> yeah, love michael jackson. >> my kids love that. they still watch that music video all the time. they would love to see that documentary. big news in san francisco.
8:06 am
city lawmakers will vote on business that would prohibit public nudity. a group of men who like to congregate in the buff. and a supervisor who represents where those men congregate. this name is scott wiener. and wiener's proposal would bake it illegal for anything over the age of 5 to get naked in public or using public transportation. i don't know why you need that in there. >> you just got to say, people, we don't really need it. we can cover it up. >> well, wiener agrees with you and -- >> fine. >> we're moving along right now. >> i just want you to know. that happens in san francisco. we'll have an update on that. finally in "pop news," lady
8:07 am
gaga get ready to leave your canine soul mate. his name is max. he was recycled -- he restyled by the woman who adopted the poodle. created to raise awareness for stray animals and how fabulous they are, which we know here, many of us rescuing our pets. she drew inspiration for how, quote, not much of a wardrobe budget. so it's all in good fun. and to raise money for rescue animals. and everybody, i have one last thing. this is the pop quiz. we want you to guys to answer to yourself. we're going to tell you.
8:08 am
is taylor swift's new love, "a," brad -- assist, josh? >> brad keselowski. >> "b," luke bryan. >> sam? >> we made it! we made it, lara. hay, by the way, rebecca, take a look at that. rebecca, whenever someone does it first on "gma," you get on tv, young lady for that creative first. rebecca from minnesota originally. now lives in el paso. i love it. i love the idea of the mask and the sign. i'm a big fan at this point. and paula from el paso is what rebecca likes to say. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to show you. we're going to start with the flooding going on in the northwest. already we're seeing flooding. particularly coastal areas. these pictures that we're
8:09 am
getting in show there are going to be problems. this is the only trouble zone on the map you can see flooding and even icy conditioning. snowing at 4 now, feet or above. jet system running through the country. most of the country going to have a mild week. >> we may be snuggled up nice and cozy here at the patch at
8:10 am
broadway farms. it's a giant holiday crowd already swelling in times square. but let's go back to -- >> lara! >> hey, all right. here's what's coming up on "good morning america," jessica simpson shed an astonishing 60 pounds. she looks great. and she's going to reveal the secrets behind the dramatic weight loss. plus, a miss america contestant revealing the bombshell for the surgery to save her life. and turning what our viewers thought was junk into gems. we've got trash duringing into treasures. plus, we've got kid rock. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year again.
8:11 am
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♪ [ female announcer ] your favorite holiday flavors are here... with some new ones to love. ♪ try new sugar free pumpkin spice... and pecan praline. the gift of great taste is just a click away. get your coupon at nestle. good food. good life. ♪ welcome back, 8:13. we've got the answer to our pop quiz.
8:13 am
who is taylor swift's reported new superstar boyfriend? >> ooh, a tough one. >> wow, we are hearing, everybody, it is "c." harry styles. otherwise known as the one direction wonder kid. >> they'll make beautiful music together. >> there you go. >> by the way, really quick, congratulations to brad keselowski for winning the nascar title. terrific stuff. >> even if he doesn't have taylor swift. >> all right. >> and we'll be right back. >> be right back. >> oh, there's lots more. ♪ oh no, not a migraine now.
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8:16 am
savings starts thursday. and first and only place to go this black friday, walmart. now, check out these new pictures of jessica simpson. the new mom who lost all her baby weight, just ten pounds short. abc's abbie boudreau has insight on how jessica does it. >> reporter: in such six months, singer and realtor jessica simpson had gone from this to this. the new photos taken over the weekend is the most revealing look at her post baby bode since september. >> after having the baeshgs i've had to really focus and start training. >> reporter: and all that training now appears to be paying off. simpson said she shed 60 pounds since giving birth to daughter maxwell in may. just ten pounds shy of her prebaby weight. the weight watchers spokesman said in addition to changing her training habits she has another one weapon.
8:17 am
her personal trainer. >> all right. >> harley pasternak trained simpson along with jennifer hudson. >> reporter: phase one, cardio warmup. >> that's a march? >> reporter: i don't know. >> you would be the worst soldier. >> reporter: upper body strengthening. okay. i feel that. the same for the lower body. is this helping my bootie? >> helping your bootie, your thighs. >> reporter: phase four, core training. >> how's that feel? >> reporter: i feel that. >> reporter: and the fifth phase,le cooldown. okay! simpson said she's not giving up on shedding those last few pounds. but she is giving up her favorite pregnancy craving, macaroni and cheese. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, los angeles, abc news. she does look fantastic. another fantastic woman, allyn
8:18 am
rose. the 24-year-old is announcing she will underknow major surgery, a double mastectomy just after the pageant. this after losing her mother to breast cancer. she's removing her breast as a precaution. almost all the women in her family, in fact, have died of breast cancer. allyn joins us. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> what made you decide to have both breasts removed than take the chance of contracting it? >> well, my mother was diagnosed at the age of 27. she passed away in her 50s. and i heard what it was like, from her, to lay in the hospital bed after losing her breast to say i may never run again. she was a marathon runner. i may never finish my degree, what man is going to love me with one breast. at that moment, she said i'm not
8:19 am
going to give up and cancer is not going to win. she didn't let cancer define her life. and she lived a wonderful life and she was the most beautiful and resilient woman. i thought if my mother can do this, i can do this. i want to be around for my children. >> how long have you known that you had this genetic predisposition? what age did you learn that? >> they did that testing when i was a child so i knew i had it for a while. when i passed 16, it was one of those things i thought i can be incredibly vigilant for the rest of my life or doing some drastic that can prolong my life. anything i can do, absolute, i'm going to go with that. >> what do doctors tell you the chances are if you don't have the mastectomy what the odds are? >> i don't know what the odds are.
8:20 am
but to have your mother diagnosed in her 20s and then come back at a later age. my grandmother died of breast cancer. her sister died of breast cancer. there's such a large predisposition to breast cancer in my life. i'd rather be here for my children and be able to live a long healthy life. >> doctors are not in agreement with your decision. you've had doctors tell you that they don't think you should do this? >> it's not necessarily that they don't think i should do this. maybe it's something that i could wait to do later in life. but, i mean, my mom almost died at 27. and to be 24 and to know that that's three years away from me, to know that i could be facing a battle for my life, you know, it's not a risk that i'm willing to take. >> and in fact, your dad and your mom met after her first battle with breast cancer. tried to convince her second breast removed as well, and she didn't. and that was the breast where
8:21 am
she contracted the cancer that eventually killed her? >> yeah. my whole life, my dad said, judy, why not have the surgery, get the second one removed. it could come back. i think it was something where maybe she was worried about losing her other part of her femininity. she was living her entire life with one breast. and to take that extra leap i think was extra scary for her. but it's ultimately what killed her but i'm just, like i say, not willing to take that risk at all. >> you're going to compete in the miss america pageant. you make a living in the beauty industry, as we say. what is this like going forward after having a double mastectomy, can you continue to compete in pageants? >> this probably will be my last pageant. it's an incredibly scary decision. i was there with the late bloomers. i had just gotten my breasts and
8:22 am
my dad he looked at me, he said i don't want you to end up like your mother. it was oftenen is abrasive incorporate that he said, that it made me take notice. i thought, i neat to be proactive. this is about igniting women's health care and teaching them to be proactive. >> allyn rose, thank you for that. robin saying proud of miss allyn rose being proactive in fighting breast cancer. >> from one breast cancer survivor to another. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> you can see allyn rose and allyn compete in the miss america pageant. it will be live here on january 12th right here on abc. good luck to you. >> lara? >> i'll be cheering for her. right now, i have to cheer for something else. we need sam, everybody else. everybody stay with me right now? it's time for trash to treasure!
8:23 am
it's a work in progress. hey, we're having this huge event for the next three days celebrating the old saying one man's trash is another man's treasure. thousands have sent in videos and pictures of pieces you didn't know what to do with, from a 6-year-old's first desk to a grandmother's hand-me-down. >> reporter: we put out the call on asking you to send your old, your tired, your bad pieces of furniture in need of makeovers. thousands answered. >> hey, lara, this is my trash. >> you can turn my trash into treasure? >> reporter: folks like nancy from missouri asking for my help to transform this family heirloom. it's a telephone table. it's a gossip chair. you sit right here. your telephone books go here. you can see this is really loose here. you need to secure that. i'm going to redo the seat.
8:24 am
we're going to update it, bring it into the year 2012. ♪ >> lara, i really need your help with this television stand. >> reporter: we paid a house call on renita cooley. in harlem. what is this? >> it's a stand. >> reporter: would you go with a pop of color? >> yeah that would be great. >> reporter: sky's the limit official. >> this would be a great color. >> reporter: i'm using chinese red. >> this to be $10 -- >> reporter: sharon asking me for help on 6-year-old daughter audrey's first desk. audrey, what would you like your desk to look like? >> green and black. >> reporter: mom, what do you
8:25 am
think about that? >> green and black. hey, if it gets her to do her homework, okay. >> time for the big reveal. i'm going to start with sharon and audrey, do you want to see your new desk. >> come over here. >> oh! what do you think? >> i love it! >> i know you said you wanted it to be gray and green. i thought these reminded me of lollipops. i hope you have great homework sessions and good coloring, too. we you've to renita who wanted a television table. are you ready? >> yes, i am. >> here you go. >> whoo! >> oh, my gosh. really cool. >> we changed out the leg. if you don't like the look of the leg. you can marry pieces together. that's what they call it in the furniture business. >> i love it. >> there's storage for your small apartment. >> thank you, thank you. >> enjoy it. >> finally, are you ready?
8:26 am
the grandmother's seat. here it is, 2012. >> i love it! >> you can sit here and talk on the telephone. we cut a hole on it so you can have your iphone in there or ipad. you can sit here and hopefully, that will be passed down as an heirloom. >> yes, thank you. >> thank you for sharing your treasures. more coming up tomorrow. right now, kid rock is on the way! ♪ good morning i'm kristen sze. this morning san jose police
8:27 am
offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the second of two murder suspects who shot it out with police, wounding an officer. police arrested 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks friday night. police say wilbanks and the second man robbed three businesses before shooting and killing a 22-year-old man in a carjacking attempt. minutes later they shot at police trying to stop them. the officer is now out of the hospital. slow out of terra linda, south 101 accident at north san pedro cleared on the right shoulder. west 580 at 680, accident cleared to the median, a little slowing toward the scene,. >> we check
8:28 am
8:29 am
well -- welcome back. off to a golden start, golden gate bridge look at all that sunshine. low to mid 60s this afternoon partly sunny near 60 coast heading to the game 5:30 kickoff, 60 dropping to 57. rain tomorrow in [ cheers and applause ] ♪
8:30 am
we'll have kid rock and we're going to hear from him in just a couple minutes. good morning, america. robin home. we'll hear a lot more from her tomorrow. great to have elizabeth vargas. you're here for the kickoff of the annual warm coats and warm hearts drive. we're kicking it off. teed, we are teaming up with burlington. warm coats keep people warm as the cold weather comes in. all the coats coming in or going to benefit the victims of hurricane sandy. >> with your happy, this year's drive will be our best ever. >> from ever corner of the united states, coats are on the move. thanks to your generous donations, warm coats warm hearts drive is standing out from the nation's capital to the golden gate bridge. with our partners at burlington coat factory and one warm coat, we are pushing harder than ever. >> welcome to the big apple circus.
8:31 am
>> with the help of special guests and helping hands, we want to make this year our best yet. ♪ this is the sixth time that "good morning america's" warm coats and warm hearts drive has collected new and gently worn coats from you, celebrity superstars. and local heroes. >> we have 100 for you. >> 1 million coats! >> last year, we reached our goal with 1 million coats, brings relief and comfort to those who need them in our community. so join us. >> shiny little trench. the antique fleece. time to go. >> clean out your closet. >> good morning, america! >> fill up your own rack, and give up the gift of warmth. [ applause ] >> we can collect millions. >> boy, especially when you hear it's going to the victims of hurricane sandy. >> that's asome. >> we want a really good start today.
8:32 am
>> come on, everybody. >> you can get all the details on the coat drive, what we're going to be doing for the next several weeks and months on on yahoo! and it does look like we're off to a good start with the volunteers at the burlington coat factory. >> we could use some coats out here, sam. >> i know, it's freezing out here. we'll start with twitter and facebook pictures because every morning you guys start -- oh, we're not. we were going to start with your coats. but we're not going to do it this morning. tomorrow morning, we'll start with it. let's get to the thanksgiving map. one of the things i love about the map, by the way. check out the turkey. he's got one eye a little bigger than the other. he's a little disheveled. but he's our "gma" turkey. i am crazy about that guy, by the way.
8:33 am
next time, i'll talk about more than the turkey. you missed it, josh but he's awesome. >> yeah. >> he really is awesome from l.a. to vegas to san diego, look at the warmup. by thanksgiving day, 81 in [ cheers and applause ] >> this is the place to gather for the holiday. no place like times square. by the way with a few holiday tips from josh elliott and someone special. >> someone very special. get in here, buddy. dig in. our good friend and host of abc's "the chew," he is the one
8:34 am
and only, the singular mario batali here. adding your spin for turkey day, it's a spin i cannot wait to dig into. what are we talking about here? >> we're making a pasta. if you're tired of turkey or don't want to roast it, it's a good way to enjoy the turkey without it being roasted. >> this is turkey sausage here? >> this is sausage here. >> i know you actually have an e e-book out but these recipes are coming from the e-book. that's great. >> it's an enhanced e-book with the recipes and the advanced videos that i do. there's a wine cook and an interesting way to play how well do you nomar yo batali? >> oh, yeah? >> yeah.
8:35 am
>> let's cook. >> all right. we have the sausage here or the ground turkey that's browned. we've taken fennel. we chop it up in into cubes. take a taste of it raw. it's one of my favorite things. slightly licorice. we're going to add fennel and stir that around. and brown completely. >> brown completely about? >> ten minutes. ten minutes. you don't have to obsess with it. then what we do, chopped up radicchio, i'm a big fan of radicchio because it sounds cool. and a little red wine. if there's a little leftover red wine in your house, you can cook with it. this is what we have there. then that we do is drop the pasta. we allow this to simmer will the tomato sauce, the wine,
8:36 am
everything like that. >> oh, my goodness. >> really, the pasta disappeared? >> no, there's no pasta yet. what would be really cool. you can eat this all by yourself if you were so inclined or -- you take it like that. >> okay. >> and we take the pasta out when it's perfectly al dente. >> sam and i was saying this is the best moment of the day. >> that's right. >> you toss it like that. then you have a little parmigiano-reggiano grated. and take it to the right place. >> that's the right amount. >> i stuff my face with the greatest leftover thanksgiving possibility, tell us about the salad down there? >> what we have down here, parsnips and turnips roasted. then you toss them with greenal li green olives and pesto.
8:37 am
>> and you whip it up? >> you whip it up and toss it with the hot, warm, delicious vegetables. suddenly, you have the bounty of thanksgiving ala italiano. you can get them on "the chew" and on and also recipes to make it your best thanksgiving ever. coming up, oh, yeah, kid rock! who knew. ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ welcome back. we've been talking about him all morning long. the music has affected everything from hip-hop to country to rock 'n' roll. the one and only, kid rock, everybody. >> good morning, america. >> good morning to you. it's not easy getting up this early. but you have a new album to promote "rebel soul" is out today. it's kind of a personal album. >> it's kind of a throwback, i wanted to make a greatest hits record with all the songs. i've been telling people it's not the greatest record in the
8:41 am
world, but pretty freakin' good. >> do you do that to protect yourself? >> do i look protected? >> you put a lot into this because you said it's dedicated to the military? >> "let's ride" which is something i did as an anthem to get the guys pumped up. heavy-hearted and melodic when they have a heavy heart. >> will you sing one for us? >> we'll give it our best at 8:30 in the morning. >> all right. everybody, here to perform one of the songs off of "rebel souls" today, kid rock with "chickens in the pen." ♪ the mule keeps kickin' the chickens in the pen ♪ ♪
8:42 am
♪ half a million miles from the devil's den we could scoot it on over to the dewdrop inn ♪ and if we do drop in we gonna have us a time yeah we gonna pour some wine ♪ uh-oh we gonna have us a time oh yeah ♪ ♪ the mule keeps kickin' the chickens in the pen ♪ let's rock all night and then do it again ♪ the clock keeps tickin' the cock can't win ♪ ♪ let's rock all night and then do it again ♪ ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh oh ♪
8:43 am
♪ sittin' pretty pretty on the top of the pile we gonna cool rock ski for a country mile ♪ and if a country mile don't get us in line yeah we gonna pour some wine uh oh we gonna have us a time ♪ ♪ yeah the mule keeps kickin' the chickens in the pen ♪ ♪ let's rock all night and then do it again ♪ ♪ the clock keeps tickin' the can't win let's rock all night and then do it again ♪ ♪ oh oh ♪ oh yeah ♪ let's rock let's rock all night and then do it again ♪
8:44 am
♪ baby let me love you let me take you higher sing ya sweet praise like a gospel choir ♪ baby let me love you let me take you higher come on girl let's set the woods on fire ♪ ♪ come on yeah come on rock it ♪ ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ oh oh oh oh ♪ come on yeah ♪ ♪ the mule keeps kickin' the chickens in the pen ♪ let's rock all night and then do it again ♪
8:45 am
♪ the clock keeps tickin' the can't win ♪ let's rock all night and then do it again ♪ the mule keeps kickin' the chickens in the pen ♪ let's rock all night and do it again the clock keep tickin' the can't win ♪ ♪ let's do it again now let's do it again now ♪ let do it again ♪ let's do it again now let's do it again now ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
all right. big crowd in here. kid rock has a new album out called "rebel soul." right now, he's going to perform one of his classic hits and one of my favorites call the "all summer long." ♪ ♪ it was 1989 my thoughts were short my hair was long caught somewhere between a boy and man ♪ ♪ she was sevinteen and she was far from in-between it was summertime in northern michigan ♪
8:49 am
♪ splashing through the sandbar talking by the campfire it's the simple things in life like when and where ♪ ♪ we didn't have no internet but man i never will forget the way the moonlight shined upon her hair come on ♪ ♪ and we were trying different things and we were smoking funny things making love out by the lake to our favorite song ♪ ♪ sipping whiskey out the bottle not thinking 'bout tomorrow ♪ ♪ singing sweet home alabama all summer long ♪ ♪ ♪ singing sweet home alabama all summer long ♪ ♪ catching walleye from the dock watching the waves recall off the rocks ♪
8:50 am
♪ she'll forever hold say spot inside my soul we'd blister in the sun ♪ we couldn't wait for night to come to hit new york city to play some rock 'n' roll ♪ ♪ while we were trying different things we smoking funny things making love out by the lake to our favorite song ♪ sipping whiskey out the bottle not thinking 'bout tomorrow ♪ ♪ singing sweet home alabama all summer long ♪ >> come on, put your hands up here. ♪ singing sweet home alabama all summer long ♪ ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ now nothing seems as strange as when the leaves began to change or how we thought those days would never end ♪ ♪ sometimes i hear that song and i'll start to sing along and think man i'd love to see that girl again ♪ ♪ ♪ we were trying different things and we were smoking funny things making love out by the lake to our favorite song ♪ ♪ sipping whiskey out the bottle not thinking 'bout tomorrow singing sweet home alabama all summer long ♪ ♪ sweet home alabama all summer long ♪ ♪ singing sweet home alabama all
8:52 am
summer long ♪ ahhh oh oh ♪ singin' singin' sweet home alabama yes all summer long ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo!
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
[ applause ] myself crowd inside. our thanks again to kid rock. the fantastic new album "rebel soul" coming out. and robin tomorrow. and robin and sally ann tomorrow. and we're continuing our trash to treasure event with a very special edition. i don't want to give it away. >> a big thank you to kid rock! ♪
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
next, police ramp up to stop a deadly crime spree in san jose. >> how long would you wait to score a black friday deal? you won't believe the answer. >> good morning i'm
8:59 am
meteorologist mike nicco, a few sprinkles overnight, rain before the holiday. >> sue will have traffic. all the news from overnight, next at 4:30. good monday morning. hope you had a great weekend. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's check in with mike. whole day week find out what is going on. good morning. nice to see you. live doppler 7 hd maybe nice to see that we don't have much in the way of radar returns other than this blip in the northwest corner of sonoma county. otherwise the sprinkles have moved east. best chance of rain to the north today. storm track has moved temporarily north stray shower roam into sonoma, northern napa, today dry, cloudy, upper 50s coast, low to mid 60s for the rest of us. happy monday. following your traffic here in the traffic center all of that happening now. live shot of bridge now, morning no problemn the east or westbound quiet no roadwork, no fog, clear, no delays if you are traveling southbound into san francisco. 15 now fromce drive if you tow, in the westbound direction. eastbound 580 roadwork until 11:00 this westbound drive is looking good. san jose police hope a reward will help entice the community to help them catch a crime spree that killed an innocent bystander and injured an officer. >rert: odorng3 e os announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new broadway play "dead accounts," katie today, from the new broadway play "dead accounts," katie holmes.

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